The College Background

Rayong Technical College Background

Located       086/13, Taksin Maharach Rd, Tapradoo Sub-district,

0000000000Muang District, Rayong, Thailand 21000

0000000000Tel: 038-611-160, 038-611-192 Fax: 038-970-717

0000000000The area of 122,468 sqm. (76 rai 2 ngan 17 sqw.)

Background, on the 3rd of October 1938 the Department of Vocational Education worked side by side with Rayong province to establish “Chang Mai Rayong School” (Carpentry School). First the students studied on an empty lot in an unused sermon hall in the monastery of “Wat Keng”. This was a temporary place of study.  Rayong hospital is now situated on the grounds that held “wat Keng” Later the school received a generous donation of 8,000 sqm (5 rai) of land from Mr. Lieng  Piempongsan. This was used to establish a place of education in a sub district of Rayong. To this day it remains the site and place of learning that is Rayong Technical College.

Background, in 1958 the school bought additional land of 8,000 sqm (5 rai) and got approved for a name change to “Karn Chang Mai Rayong School”.  In 1966 The Ministry of Education affirmed that “Karn Chang Mai Rayong School” and “Karn Chang  Satree  Rayong” would be combined and become known as “ Karn Chang  Rayong School” . On the 1st of October 1977 the school was upgraded to “Rayong Technical School”.  Then on the 1st of May 1980 the school was elevated to what we know it as today “Rayong Technical College”

Education Management

In 1938 was the beginning of the vocational education and training for 3-years course for grade 4 graduates to study in the carpentry department. The first generation totaled 34 students. 

In 1942 the Hairdresser department opened providing 2-years course, later this was cancelled due to the lack of students.

In 1949 the Hairdresser department was reopened and 3 more classrooms were built for 1st year students of carpentry. 

In 1950 the Hairdresser department was shut down for the second time.

In 1953 Education expanded to senior high school level and for vocational junior high school graduates including grade 9 to enter the 3-year carpentry course.

In 1957 the mechanic department opened up to vocational senior high school.

In 1960 the carpentry department opened to high vocational education and the mechanic department was cancelled.

In 1963 the mechanic department opened for the second time and also opened up to grade 10-12 of a vocational education construction department.

In 1970 the sheet metal welder department opened up to senior high school.

In 1976 the machine shop department opened up to vocational certificate.

In 1977 the electric power department opened up to vocational certificate.

In 1979 the commercial department opened up to vocational certificate.